1. Thursday: Six Flags day ^_^/ Photoshoot

    Went to my 2nd home aka mothafckin SIX FLAGS! No one except for the people I went with knows how happy I was to be there. This was my 3rd time there. I went with the 2KL + the ladies. It felt like the park was packed, but it wasn’t that bad. Didn’t matter to me though, once I saw the coasters in person once again my mind just went into happiness.

    Went on Viper first with Tracy, which is always a great startoff. Waited an unusual 30 mins though. Love the first loop on top of the hill (I think it is). The 2 corkscrews at the end always get me. So intense. Next we went on Tatsu, which was about 1 hr 30 mins of a wait. It was pretty much worth it though. Rode with Dom, Cecille, Tracy. Looking down while it’s coming up is pretty scary. The part that really got me was the loop thing. Coming back up on your back puts so much pressure on your chest it’s ridiculous, but that’s part of the thrill =D. We got something to eat after since the majority of the group didn’t eat yet and found out that Deja Vu was closed =[[

    After we ate, we decided to head to Green Lantern. This one was new, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Stood in line for about 45 mins. Rode with Jon and then Nicole and Darrell were on the backside of us. Going up was pretty scary since you’re just dangling in your seat. Once you’re about to go down the first “drop” you just want to grab on to anything and BAM you’re flippin super fast and shit. Then you go down another “drop” and BAM whiplash lol. Then they stop you for a bit then let you go and BAM another drop and the craziest part is at the end. You could end regular, upside down, looking down/up, and everything in between. It’s pretty damn crazy. 

    After, we decided to go to Goliath, which was only about 30mins of waiting. Rode this with Chris which was hilarious. I recorded myself along with the friends around me. The first drop is huuuge, but it’s ridiculously smooth that I absolutely love it. Everything about that ride is great. After Goliath, we headed to Scream. I was about to record myself again but the worker said to put my itouch away =/ It’s ok though, I rode in the front with Nicole, Tracy, Jon which was INTENSE. Riding in the front makes a big difference. This ride is pretty much like Riddler’s Revenge, except you’re sitting down and the cart is floorless. It has everything a rollercoaster should have as well. After we went on Batman. It was about 30 mins or less for the wait. Makes sense since it’s like a 20 second dizzyfying ride. I don’t remember that ride being so wild lol. 

    The group ended up splitting up for a bit since most of us wanted to go on Superman. We get there and we find out the wait is about an hour and a half because one of the carts broke down. I was incredibly sad bc I wanted to go on it all day. But little did I know what to expect on the next ride we were heading to,  X2

    X2……gotdamn did I under-estimate this ride. So we’re all waiting in line for a good 1hr 30mins just chillin and conversing among ourselves. We finally get inside the station and I just get really nervous about the ride lol. It was just super different looking and I’ve never been on it before. The rest went on before Tracy, Chris and I since there were a few people ahead of us. Hillary ended up going on twice since we were still waiting, so she was Chris’ partner. Tracy and I decided to ride in the front. Nervous as fuck as we were all going up. I’m already yelling, hit the first dip, I’m yelling louder, then we go into the flip thing. Now we’re dropping how many stories high, face down and from there it’s just mayhem. I honestly don’t know what happened after that, all I remember is going up and going into a corkscrew which flipped you at the same time. IN-FCKIN-TENSE! AND THERE WAS FIRE. The picture of us was toooooo damn hilarious. My face »» .Never seen such a fierce exhilarated face from myself ever hahaha. I don’t know why I didn’t buy the picture, which makes me sad. Ahh memories. 

    After we got some In-N-Out, but I didn’t get that much since I was extremely tired. Got word that D.Williams was at a friend’s house so I squeezed every last energy to head over. Stayed there for a bit, had a photoshoot with his car, pranked his car, then dipped. We dipped because about a minute later, he came out to his car so we thought he was gonna see what I drew on his rear mirror lol.

    Quote(s) of the day/night

    • "I’m sooooo happppppyyyyy!" -Me
    • "I can do it, I am a beast" / "I did it, I am a beast" - Tracy


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